Urban Chow’s love of flavor combinations and belief that eating should be an adventure,  fuels our fire for delectable comfort food.  From the range to the skyline, the more wild the adventure, the more delicious the reward.


($25 per person)

(Meals include 2 entrée meats, choice of salad, choice of beans, choice of 1 side and french bread or Hawaiian rolls)

(Mix & match entrée meats as desired)

(All items are grilled on-site using our Santa Maria-Style BBQ)


American BBQ
(choose 2 Proteins)

Grilled Tri-Tip with Santa Maria-style Rub
Grilled BBQ Chicken Breast
Pulled Pork with BBQ sauce
BBQ Chicken Breast
Ground Sirloin Hamburgers
All-Beef Hot Dogs
*Grilled Baby Back Ribs
*Grilled Shrimp


Hawaiian-Fusion BBQ
(Choose 2 Proteins)

Kalua Pork
Huli Huli Chicken
Teri Beef
*Sweet Chili Jumbo Shrimp
*Full Pig Roast (Lechon)

*available for additional fee


(choose 1)

Grilled Portobello Mushroom
Veggie Kabob

(choose 1)

Caesar Salad
shaved parmesan, crouton, and romaine with Caesar dressing

Garden Salad
tomato, cucumber, green onion and avocado on mixed greens with ranch dressing

Cheese, Fruit & Nut Salad
gorgonzola, cranberries and candied walnuts on baby greens with creamy balsamic dressing

Hawaiian Ginger Mandarin Green Salad
mandarin oranges, red bell pepper, cilantro, mint, slivered almonds on mixed greens with a soy-ginger dressing

BBQ Ranch Salad
black beans, corn, cherry tomato, and cilantro, on mixed greens with ancho-chili bbq ranch dressing

(choose 1)

Grilled Vegetables
grilled seasonal vegetables

Baked Potato
baked russet potato with butter and sour cream

elbow macaroni  with cheddar cheese sauce

Sticky Rice
white sticky rice

Macaroni Salad
Hawaiian-inspired macaroni salad

Potato Salad
red potato and dill salad

Sweet Potato and Bacon Salad
red and sweet potatoes with bacon, carrot, scallion with a fresh ailoi

Cole Slaw
shredded cabbage and carrots with creamy slaw dressing


Artisan Cheese Display – $3/person (included with purchase of hot appetizer station)
full buffet of assorted artisan cheeses, dried and fresh fruits, nuts and cured meats with gourmet crackers

Hot Appetizer Stations – $10/person
Check out our Food Stations which are great options for cocktail hour appetizers or late-night eats!


CONTACT us for more information or special requests.